Keatthebeat24 Films

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What stop-motion animation program do you use to film?

A: MonkeyJam; a free, downloadable software.


Q: What editing program do you use for your movies?

A: Sony Vegas 5.


Q: What type of camera do you use to film your videos?

A: I use a webcam called the Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks. It was about $80, and I really like it! I would definatly recommend it!


Q: What FPS (frames per second) do you run at?

A: I run at 15 FPS.


Q:Where do you get your sound effects?

A: I get most of them from darthmilo77. I also get some of them off other sound effect website; ex:


Q: Can I be in one of your movies?

A: That really all depends on when I need voice actors. Most of the time I don't, but ask me just in case.


Q: What visual effects program do you use for your videos?

A: I use Particle Illusion SE for my effects. The software was $100.


Q: Where do you get your Star Wars music?

A: I have all of the John Williams pieces saved on my computer from the Star Wars soundtrack CD's.


Q: Can you share/distribute my videos/channel/site?

A: Sorry, but it should really be your job to do that. Do not rely on other people doing it for you so you can get more view/subscribers.


Q: Where do you get all of your LEGO's?

A: I've collected them over the years since I was young, so I now have alot of them!


Q: Where can I get Particle Illusion SE?

A: The SE version is about $100 and the 3.0 version is about $300.


Q: Can you make a film for me to put on my YouTube account?

A: No. Stop-motion videos should be filming by YOU- not other people for your-own personal benefit. With that, I also wouldn't have enough time in my life to make films for other people, along with films for myself.


Q: Can you tell me about how to do stop-motion?

A: Yes! Just CLICK ME to go to the stop-motion guides on my website. They give a brief, but good overview of the basics of stop-motion filming.


Q: Can you voice act for me and then send me them via email?

A: Possibly, but I really only like to record lines for good friends on YouTube. If you aren't one of them, chances are I am going to say no.


Q: Are you making another Division 66 film?

A: Yes! Division 66 IV is coming out soon, check out my YouTube channel updated progress on the film.


Q: How much does Sony Vegas 5.0 cost?

A: Actually, 5.0 is no longer being sold my Sony, to my knowledge. It has been "retired". I don't remember how much is cost, but you can buy newer versions of Sony Vegas such as 7.0 and 9.0. These cost a good hundred or two dollars.