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Animation Programs and Software Guide 

This guide explains the different stop-motion animation programs and software options. You will need a few in order to being brickfilming.

Frame Capture/Stop motion Programs

The frame-capture/stop motion program that you use is where you capture your frames (images) from your webcam or camera. You put together all of your images to create your stop-motion. You also determine, in the program, what FPS (frames per second) that you run at.

Some stop motion programs are...

-MonkeyJam                        -StopMotionMaker

-Stop Motion Pro                 -Animator DV

-iKITMovie                           -StopMotionStation 1.3

You can also CLICK HERE to view more stop motion software with links.

Editing Programs

An editing program or software is where you take your raw footage that you created in your frame-capture/stop motion program, and open it in your editing program to edit. In your editing program, you should be able to add music, sound, titles, credits, voices, and more.  After you have edited your film, it should be completed!

 Some editing programs are...

-Windows Movie Maker           -Ulead Video Studio

-Sony Vegas