Keatthebeat24 Films

About Keat

Hey, I'm Keat; also know as Keatthebeat24.

I am a (ameteur)Lego stop-motion animator, making and posting them on YouTube.

I like to  hang out with friends, play video games, etc, etc. I make my Lego videos mainly in my spare time aside of all of my other stuff; school work, sports.


HOW IT BEGAN: The Story of an Animator's Uprising-

     Keatthebeat24 began brickfilm many years ago when he and his cousin began making Lego Star War movies with Keat's Lego collection. They began to show their movies to their parents and grandparents. Their movies gained popularity around the family fast. As a few years past, Keat and his cousin's production company began and quickly improved on stop-motion animating in their newer movies. They began adding effects and other things which made their films higher quality.

     However, as they grew older the two suddenly stopped their production of Lego Star Wars films and the production company was disinigrated. Then, Keat took his knowledge from their Lego films and took the animations to new heights. He took this opportunity and began animating short films for himself. Keat then created a channel on YouTube and began posting his newest films. Almost four months into posting videos, Keat (now keatthebeat24 on YouTube) gained quick popularity with the Lego stop-motion community on YouTube.

     Keat continued to improve on his stop-motion animation. Later, with the slight advice of his cousin launched the DIVISION 66 series which became quickly known and popular with tens of thousands of views. He soon reached over one thousand subscribers and over three-hundred thousand views on this films.

     Today, Keat continues to post Lego stop-motion films on YouTube and show the world what he can do.


Current Favorites...

Music- U2, Nickelback, Coldplay, Third Day, Rascal Flatts

Movies- Star Wars, Iron Man, Jurassic Park, etc.